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Copyright 2008 Jim Shields Photography
Copyright 2008 Jim Shields Photography
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Images copyright 2008, Jim Shields Photography

Over twenty years of professional music-making backs a DJ service which is reliable, affordable, customer oriented, and most of all danceable and fun. Jambalaya Sound and Light will bring your party to life! Let's talk about what you want for your event and how we can help that happen. Contact Jambalaya Sound and Light DJ Jon Margerum-Leys by e-mailing JonML (at) fourthwish.biz.

We also work with the jazz quartet Fourth Wish to provide mixed live music/DJ evenings. Live jazz as dinner music and DJing for announcements and dancing can be a great combination. Booking both through us is a cost savings to you.

What we do:

We're experienced professionals. We'll consult with you face to face before your event to talk about your needs. You should feel confident that all of the details have been considered and as many contingencies as possible are covered--we'll help with that process. We're comfortable working directly with you and/or with your caterer or event planner. Planning can begin whenever you want. We've planned events starting over a year in advance or within the week. Obviously, the more notice the better, but we're flexible about timing. Regardless of when you book us, we'll check during the week before your event to be sure that all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed.

Our contract specifies who will provide services for your event, what kinds of music will be played, the timeline for the event, equipment which will be provided, what the DJs will wear, and any requests that you have. We have a music worksheet which lets you tailor the music to your specifications.

The day of your event, we'll set up before your guests arrive. Music will start whenever you like and last as long as you like. We only schedule one event per day and we're yours for the day. During the event, we'll take requests from guests, emcee, make announcements, and keep things running smoothly. After the event, we'll have our equipment cleared within one hour. With over twenty years of performing experience, we've succeeded in a wide variety of settings; your day will go well.

What we don't:

In twenty years, we have never missed a performance. Ever.

We don't cross our fingers about equipment. We buy and use the best professional equipment and keep it well maintained. We also carry extra equipment in case of trouble.

We don't have packages or extra charges for this or that. We quote you one price which includes everything. No hidden or added charges. Want us to stay an extra hour? No problem. Need to borrow a microphone for announcements? Done. Want a special song which is not on our regular play list? Let us know and we'll find it.

Your event is yours. We don't set out cards, put up banners, light neon signs with our names on it. We don't advertise at your event, other than giving a card to people who ask.

On a related note, we keep your event fun and organized, but with a laid back feel. There are 'in your face' DJs. That's not our style. If you want a DJ who goes by a nickname like 'wild man' or 'Crazy Larry', we can recommend people. Our style is fun but always classy and keeps you the center of attention.

We don't take breaks. Because we work as a two person team, there will always be someone at the DJ station to keep the party rolling.

The Music

We're from the 'I love that song' school of DJ'ing. There's so much great sound available, and we like to have a lot of variety. We've got enough music to party for a solid week! Our full catalog (about 100 pages) can be downloaded and viewed by artist or by title. In addition, we add to our catalog for each event. Send us your Top 40 and we'll be sure to have your favorites for your event. We believe in quality, legal copies of the songs we play--we have hundreds of CDs that make up the core of our library.

The Sound

Our sound is crystal clear, loud enough to keep the party thumping if that's what you like. Four Yamaha Club series speakers serve the top end and the bottom is kept rumbling along by JBL subwoofers. We also carry a wireless mic for emceeing, which you're welcome to use for toasts, announcements, etc.

The Lights

A ten foot truss supports a full light show consisting of:

E-mail (jonml (AT) fourthwish.biz) for a price quote or just to talk about your event and how we might be of service.

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